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Donation facility for those not wanting to buy

£19.99 is too much for me, and the extras over the free version are not enough. But I'd be happy to make a smaller donation. A web page for that would be nice.

Paul , 03.02.2012, 22:07

Activate donation throught Bitcoin

Maybe you are interested on recieve some donation. Bitcoin is a new currency created by and for internet, and it's very easy to donate with this system, besides it's very easy to implement (You only need to share your wallet id)

Xavi, 10.04.2013, 04:28
Idea status: under consideration


Johnny Homlmenate, 24.08.2013, 17:20
I find the price for the "Pro" version very fair. Here in the USA it costs $19.99 unless you get lucky and happen upon a sale then it can be as low as $9.99. By the time I "donated" that small amount of money to the developer of this program, I don't think that there would be much left after everyone took their cut. Maybe it would be best for you to just wait a few months and save a little bit each month and then pay for the full pro version? That way you wouldn't notice it so much and the developer would surely appreciate it more. That's just my thought. In any event, have fun with a great program!

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