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You've saved the day for windows 8

Using the XP Start Menu, I became very proficient at navigating to any program or document with a couple clicks of my mouse. The essential features that made that possible:
1. The menu tree expands on hover, permitting me to visually drill down
2. The menu hierarchy customizable and can be shared across users

With Win7 I lost the first feature; with Win8 I lost the second. With StartMenuX, I got both back and so much more! I regret not having discovered your solution sooner. I was limping along with Win7, but Win8 was intolerable. This is no exaggeration: I installed StartMenuX and got it operational in less time than finding the Logoff and Shutdown buttons in Win8.

I can't wait to pass the word.

Dennis , 01.11.2012, 17:45


Le logiciel de démarrage Start Menu X est tout à fait génial. Il comble les graves lacunes de Windows 8 quant au menu Démarrer absent de cette version. Je le recommande à tout ceux qui veulent se simplifier la vie lors de l'utilisation de Windows 8 que Microsoft a voulu compliquer à outrance.

Daniel FAUVE, 26.03.2013, 19:31

great product.

Love your product bought 2 copies. hate changes to windows.

bigriver, 22.02.2013, 04:26

Been using Start Menu for last 3 years - a vast improvement over Windows Start Menu. Start Menu X is a worthwhile upgrade from previous version.

Jeff, 21.02.2013, 18:07

Perfekt beim Umstieg von XP zu Win8

Ich habe gerade von WinXP zu Win8 upgegradet und war geschockt über die unsinnigen Kacheln, die jedes Programm nach der Installation "auflisten". Dank Euer Software kann ich nun die gewohnte und mit tollen Features verbesserte Startmenü-Ansicht wieder verwenden und die meisten Kacheln entfernen!

Ralf, 16.02.2013, 10:47


sandro, 11.02.2013, 22:29

What A neat free program

What a cool little program, it works well. Just needs more UI skins

HOODY, 29.12.2012, 19:29

SMX is the absolute best program for Windows 8.

With this Program it has allowed me to never have to see Metro if I don't want to yet still leaves it available without affecting it in a negative way!
So I get the benefit of better graphics and a better overall Online and Computer Experience plus the benefit to be ready to take advantage of new technologies that will have enhanced performance from the new software in Win8 in the future.

And Microsoft has really done something that adds two of the best things to Windows for everyone!

The Added the Touchscreen total function and Metro for people who LOVE apps on their tablets and their phones and would like to use them on their Home PC on a larger screen at the comfort and POWER of a Desktop!!

NOTHING will replace my desktop while at home! NO Tablet or Laptop! But Microsoft has just given me the ability to use tablet and phone apps on my DESKTOP!

anyone with sense would realize this should put Microsoft ahead of the pack again!

Did I mention how smooth WIN8 is?

Michael Leinbach, 09.12.2012, 18:09
Idea status: under consideration


katrinalove-3, 16.04.2014, 05:48
Hello, The new start menu is great. I can hardly wait to tell my son ,who owns his own business and just purchased Windows 8. He wants me to set it up for him. Thanks again, Jackie Wilson.

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