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icon for a group

The new virtual groups is a very good thing! But why should i set an icon for a group if it isn't used in the actual start menu? I would suggest you put the icon on the left of every group. You could even make these "Grouptitles" bigger, so it is...
OrdinarySoft, 27.06.2012, 19:03
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rename and order the tabs

Create a menu (like in 3.8.x) where you can rename and order the tabs. Now there are very unhandly.
OrdinarySoft, 27.06.2012, 19:02
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The separator lines in the Programs menu.

The separator lines in the Programs menu. To better find
OrdinarySoft, 23.12.2011, 03:08
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i would only change one thing....make the text not white...on the transparent backgrounds, it is a tad hard to read sometimes. perhaps in the skin selection menu make it so the user can define his text color easily.

Jack S, 09.10.2012, 07:28
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prevent Alt F4 from closing StartMenuX

in the old release and in the new release it is possible to close/shutdown StartMenuX with the key-combination Alt+F4 . that should be prevented .
linus, 21.09.2011, 07:47
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Poor performance, menu's not resonding in Win 7X64

Poor performance, menu's not resonding in Win 7X Ultimate 64 the expanding menu's don't expand for the programs portion; as well as My Computer; and Control Panels...
mebtech81, 13.03.2012, 21:37
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Must work on right screen edge

Must work on right screen edge
OrdinarySoft, 22.09.2011, 10:32
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Show recent items for Pin programs

Is it possible to make the following functionality like in image? Having the pinned directly on the start menu or even recent? But not only on the global recent item group, but also on every app.
OrdinarySoft, 23.08.2012, 06:17
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50 votes Vote

1-Click improve it

1-Click is the best thing ever. But you sould improve it, because now it is not perfect. Imagine a folder of a game supplier, like ubisoft: ( i will show you what i mean) Ubisoft -> game 1 -> link to exe -> game 2 -> link to exe ... You know...
OrdinarySoft, 27.06.2012, 19:06
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You've saved the day for windows 8

Using the XP Start Menu, I became very proficient at navigating to any program or document with a couple clicks of my mouse. The essential features that made that possible: 1. The menu tree expands on hover, permitting me to visually drill...
Dennis, 01.11.2012, 16:45
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44 votes Vote

add skins fitting to WinXP

Marius, 22.12.2011, 15:51
43 votes Vote

Have the group keys back, type A then 6

In the previous version I could type a letter to select a group of 9 apps, then a number to pick the one I wanted. I liked that.
Larry MacDonald, 21.04.2012, 16:27
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42 votes Vote

The default font size and transparency settings are more difficult to read than past versions I've used of this software. I haven't tried to adjust them myself yet, but I shouldn't feel like I need to. Otherwise, this start menu is much better than t

EVN, 09.10.2012, 19:28
37 votes Vote

Add more start menu icons (ex:spport for jpg files )

J2D2, 10.10.2012, 01:00
34 votes Vote

Must work with “Windows Classic”

Must work with “Windows Classic” (it’s okay if it CSM “looks like” Aero, though I will never use [Windows] Aero unless forced to do so by Microsoft, because of the animations that cannot be disabled)
OrdinarySoft, 22.09.2011, 10:33
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Virtual Groups Sub menu don't visible

In current skin sub group don't visible on the background
OrdinarySoft, 22.09.2011, 09:47
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Why it is not possible to hide a program?

Response from the site administrator
OrdinarySoft, 03.05.2013
More detail please
Doru Botoiu, 09.10.2012, 15:24
21 votes Vote

Add a toggle to "lock" the menu

The toggle would disable drag-n-drop as well as inhibit or hide the add/delete buttons. The objective is to prevent inadvertent changes to the menu.
Dennis Miller, 01.11.2012, 03:36
21 votes Vote

Dragable Separator LInes

Make the separator lines dragable so I don't have to move 6-10 menu items to get a new separator line in the desired place
dennis Miller, 01.11.2012, 03:41
-1 comment
21 votes Vote

Possibility to create backup and restore

In some programs you have the possibility to vreate a backup and a restuore. I miss that in Sart Menu X For the rest it's a fantastic program marc-belgium
marc, 04.06.2013, 17:16
21 votes Vote

Colors for text and background should be adjustable

The colors for text and background should be general individual adjustable in 16 million colors, like we know this from the windows controls since Windows exists.
Sebastian, 18.02.2013, 16:33
19 votes Vote

Make it portable.

Samuel, 28.11.2012, 06:01
15 votes Vote

Command window directory shuld be the system root

can you change it so when you open a Command window from the start menu, it's directory is the system root, not start menu x? Thanks!
OrdinarySoft, 30.12.2011, 05:17
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Donation facility for those not wanting to buy

£19.99 is too much for me, and the extras over the free version are not enough. But I'd be happy to make a smaller donation. A web page for that would be nice.
Paul, 03.02.2012, 21:07
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Variable sizing

Tags in pull down menu for each, so I can select "sound apps". The current system is clumsy. The tag could be searched in the search bar and only the sound apps would show up. The issue is how to sort apps: by Adobe or by Photography or by...
OrdinarySoft, 26.04.2012, 09:50
15 votes Vote

Keyboard control

Start Menu X can't be navigated and controlled with the keyboard. It should be, like every other program.
matthiew, 29.06.2013, 15:58
15 votes Vote

long file names problem

The long file names was cut and dificult to select file if file s has the same name at the begining
OrdinarySoft, 04.08.2012, 15:38
15 votes Vote

original look from XP

put please in the free version the original xp start button and the skin from original xp. and i have 1680x1050 and the start menue is in center on the screen. not in the left corner please fix it.
John Daurer, 28.10.2012, 12:22
14 votes Vote

Let it wirk with Stardock WindowBlinds. (A.K.A Let Windowblinds skin it)

Jeff, 22.12.2011, 14:14
14 votes Vote

move added lines in the main menu

move added lines in the main menu, I tried cut and paste and drag and drop with no luck.
OrdinarySoft, 25.07.2012, 13:46

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